Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Size

Kamis, Desember 21st 2017. | Samsung

Samsung generally excels with its displays, along with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Size delivers a 5-inch screen with HD resolution. There is not a big deal when compared to the QHD offerings of the top handsets (including the 5.5-inch LG G3) but it is still good enough for the likes of their HTC One M9.¬† The Samsung Galaxy S4 is really an impressive power smartphone. On paper, it is Samsung’s most remarkable handset up to now, not least since it jumps out of the 4.8-inch S3 into a 5-inch display with no extra bulk.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Size

In 7.9 mm thick, 136.6mm tall and 69.8mm wide, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is really 0.8mm narrower and 0.7mm thinner compared to S3. It tips the scales at only 130g — 3g significantly less compared to S3 and a real featherweight. Unlike previous versions, nevertheless, it does not feel unnervingly mild, rather, balancing its weight equally and also reassuringly through the handset’s total length.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Size has not only the display bigger, but, The magnificent 1,920 x 1,080de Super AMOLED Samsung Galaxy S4 display is a critical increase in the S3’s 720p display that produces an immediate wow element. It is arguably the best display ever found on a smartphone also shows that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is over the usual spec baiting attribute masterpiece — it is an excellent product.

But it’s nowhere near the very first telephone to have a 1080p full HD screen, and also the Samsung Galaxy S4 faces more opposition than its most recent predecessor. It goes head-to-head using a reinvigorated set of high-end Android handsets, together with both the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z liner up as the top smartphones ever made by their respective manufacturers. There is always the looming presence of Apple and the iPhone 5, also, though if anticipation is not anything to go by then Samsung’s execs will not be losing some sleep.

I must also note that the Galaxy S4 is substantially lighter and smaller than the successor, the Galaxy S5, despite having a mere 0.1 of an inch in display dimensions. This is apparently due to the S5’s harder water and dust-resistant structure, but not everybody will rely upon as a worthwhile compromise. The Galaxy S4 stocks a lot with other top smartphones of its own age. The Sony Xperia Z1 along with the HTC One have displays which use the exact same resolution, but neither of these has the still impressive clout of this Super AMOLED HD display on offer here.

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